We’d definitely like to visit the places you mentioned in your 2-day schedule. Kuta, Bali Hi, We are planning 9 sightseeing days in Vienna & vicinity in late September including as many museums & historic sights as possible. Morocco Grand Cayman If you had to do all of your main sightseeing over a weekend it could be helpful to get a 2-day pass, as long as those attractions interest you. Here you find more information on all Vienna Flexi PASS attractions. The best part if you book with GetYourGuide is that you … The following prices are current as of October, 2019 if you buy your Vienna Pass when you get to the city. Viet Nam 1-Day card – €79; 2-Day card – €99; 3-Day card – €129; 6-Day card – €159 ; Where to buy Vienna Pass. Helsinki The Red Line in Vienna goes along the Ringstrasse (Ring Road) that circles the city center, and many of the included attractions are very close to those stops. I will be travelling to Europe this upcoming June with my family of 7 and our last stop is Vienna. Passes are available for 24 hours and 72 hours, or as weekly, monthly or annual passes. Venice Kuala Lumpur Chiang Mai, Officially you get the following 4 items: As is typical with the city passes, this one includes many attractions that are either relatively cheap on their own, or fairly obscure, but it also includes every top attraction that nearly all visitors come to experience. Sorry about that. -Roger, Hi Roger, My husband and I will be visiting Vienna in July. Valencia There are about 45 more attractions that are included, but most of those cost less than €10 on their own, so the ones above are the ones to consider when deciding on a Vienna Pass. Bratislava Your post has been really helpful in our decision proces ofr our short stay in Vienna after a month in France,. Really it’s just Schonbrun Palace and the Ferris wheel that are somewhat distant, so you might be able to do only partial routes with few hop offs. EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for Price of Travel readers Puerto Vallarta. Cozumel, So depending on the variant up to 6 days. Trinidad and Tobago This slightly less impressive palace is located on the Ring in the center of Vienna so you'll be passing it many times no matter what. Cartagena, Male, Myanmar Here is the breakdown, with the full adult entry price listed for each: Thank you very much. If so, where would we collect our Vienna Pass from? We will see as much as we possibly can in the six days! Guanacaste, The Vienna Pass is the cheapest solution if you want to visit many attractions in the city. Tailor-made for visitors to the Austrian capital, you can enjoy the city’s rich history with a HOP ON HOP OFF VIENNA SIGHTSEEING TOURS bus tour, a guidebook and optional travelcard. Queenstown, Budapest Chile Naples, Vienna PASS Prices. Guaranteed Discounts on all tours! The company told me a few days ago that they are trying to get the codes activated again and that it should be by the end of this week, which would mean by the end of the day today (Friday, 18-January). Dubai, Canada Recife, Latvia Whether crowded tourist attractions or hidden sights, every place can look beautiful with the right viewpoint! It sounds like you are referring to a specific Vienna tour that might include those places you have listed. Warsaw Choose your Vienna PASS below: Adult Vienna PASS Child Vienna PASS ; NOTE Children below the age of 6 accompanied by an adult holding a Vienna PASS use the all- inclusive offers free of charge. Buy Vienna City Card And Vienna Pass. Istanbul, India, I’m sorry but I don’t think I’m much help with this situation. It goes along the Danube Canal (which makes up one edge of the Ring Road) past many of Vienna's most famous landmarks and then turns around once it reaches the Danube itself, so you can see everything on the other side. Madrid, Grenada Order directly at:   Vienna Pass*, Unfortunately, the Vienna City Card is only offered by the provider without a cancellation possibility. If it doesn’t work today it should be working by Monday. This website uses cookies. Since they only come every 30 minutes, each time you hopped off would probably take 60 to 90 minutes before you are back on board. 17,00 €. Giant Ferris Wheel in Prater Amusement Park: €10.00. This is one of Europe's finest zoos and it's located on the Yellow hop-on, hop-off bus line that also goes to Schönbrunn Palace. -Roger, Is the Vienna Pass worth it? There’s so much waiting to be discovered with the Vienna PASS – saving you time, money and stress. We’re good walkers and wouldn’t mind having a reasonably early start. *) price for children between 6 and 18 years of age. Guadeloupe, Jamaica Vienna PASS Prices. Germany Christchurch, -Roger. Peru As long as you start early and are well organized, you should be able to use the HOHO bus for transportation to most or all of the outer attractions. Yangon Taipei The Vienna PASS can be purchased for durations of 1, 2, 3, or 6 consecutive days. Los Angeles, 6 single trip tickets are also considered in the calculation. Discover Best Vienna Pass New Year Deals & Exclusive Offers | Time To Save Now! Is the six day pass worthwhile? Siem Reap Especially if the weather is nice, you'll want to take this 75-minute cruise leaving from a pier near the center of Vienna and returning to the same pier. € 153,90: 6 single trip tickets are also considered in the calculation. Our schedule has actually already changed but your advice is still very useful. Vienna Pass price 2021. Hello,i am from Greece so forgive me for my English. Saint Lucia At a supermarket or that sort of place the clerks will probably only speak German, but at museums and restaurants and cafes and such, you can just speak English and you’ll be understood. Turks and Caicos Islands Rincón, Kyoto, Antalya, Lyon, Hue, If you are not located nearby a hop-on hop-off bus station you should perhaps consider to order the optionally Travelcard. However, you can buy and collect it directly from the tourist info at the Vienna Airport, the main station or in the city center. To validate your ticket stamp the ticket at the blue machines located at the entrance of underground stations as well as on buses and trams. Boracay Island, Vienna Pass promotions can be obtained by you. Barbados Costa Rica The Vienna Pass is similar to the others in that it's easy to be confused, so I've broken down the best and most worthwhile attractions below, which can all be visited in 2 or 3 days. Vilnius, Luxembourg If you decide to buy you can use promo code POT10 for 10% off on 2, 3 and 6 day passes at The Vienna Pass using this link. The card is available for 1, 2, 3 and 6 days. Marrakech The HOHO Bus is great to see the majority of Vienna's most famous buildings and landmarks around the Ring, but it can't get into the pedestrian-only area in the middle of the city. St Kitts I was assuming a lot of the value would be in the skip the line aspect, even if we do not actually see enough sights to add up to the cost of the pass. Macau Your English is quite good by the way. Vienna Pass pass is coming in different variations that can be used for two, three or six days. Egypt We will be spending about two days there and our itinery is as follows: Can you also give us the advice of which SIM cards to use or such? Bermuda I was able to buy the pass for 10% off as it was offered to us by an e-mail. Finland Cayman Islands Thanks for your patience. The Vienna Pass includes free admission to over 60 of the top attractions in the city, including queue-skipping FastTrack entry to several of these. Take your time and choose your personal 3, 4 or 5 favourites. Best of luck on this. Granada (Spain), 1 day: 35.00 € 2 days: 47.50 € 3 days: 62.50 € 6 days: 77.50 € What’s included with the Vienna Pass? Questions ? Price Price (Low to … Vienna pass card for 26,27/12 must be better? It’s a great way for you to visit sites like the Danube Tower and Schönbrunn Zoo while saving money and time at the admission desks. Prague An intensive 2-day itinerary might take in: One trip on the hop on, hop off, guided bus tour out to Schönbrunn Palace for a tour and the zoo, plus an early-evening twirl on the … You’d have to ask Vienna Pass about that policy, but in cases like yours it does sound silly. Vienna Pass City Card On-Site Price; approx. The 1-day pass costs €70, the 2-day pass €95, the 3-day pass €125 and the 6-day pass costs €155. latest discount codes and some buying info, Free use of public transport in core zone. With unlimited travel, why not add one on to your Vienna PASS order for the complete sightseeing package. Expires: 3 Nov, 2021. Details can be found at the end of the guidebook, in a section, where some promotions are listed (PDF page 161). Toronto, On the other hand, once or twice I’ve seen where the Fast Track queue is slightly longer than the normal one. Rio de Janeiro, All of the options are laid out on the Vienna Pass collection page. The Vienna City Card is still available in our online shop - buy it now and activate it later! The extra charge compared to a standard short term ticket is around 11 Euro for the 2 and 3 day version. 26,00 €, the airport transfer approx. In your site: Vienna Otherwise, it's probably best to just focus on 2 or 3 main attractions and assume you'll come back again to see the rest. Jakarta, Belvedere Palace, Imperial Treasury, Mozarthaus or a bus tour through the city: visitors to Vienna are spoilt for choice when it comes to sightseeing. France Single ticket: € 2.40 (US$ 2.90) Tickets must be validated at the U-Bahn station or when you get on the bus or tram. Trip Planner; Things To Do; Tours; Itineraries; Hotels; Blog; Login ; Sign Up; Log In; Home; Tours; Vienna Tours; Tickets & Passes; City Passes; Top Vienna Sightseeing Passes. The price of these on their own is over €100, so the Vienna Pass is clearly a good deal for anyone who wants to cover these top things in 2 or 3 days. Lucerne, Guadeloupe Bruges, Due to the free use of the hop-on hop-off buses, only 4 single trip tickets were considered with the Vienna Pass. Uruguay Mendoza Kathmandu, Sofia Paris Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), I hope this helps. It’s the perfect opportunity to customise your own tour, you can hop-on, hop-off at any of the up to 45 stops to explore Vienna at your … Add a TRAVELCARD: Travelcard added: 1 Day Child PASS €39.50. Please note: in response to Covid-19, there is only one HOP ON HOP OFF route operating currently. Portugal La Paz I can tell you that Vienna is great for things like bathrooms with baby-changing tables and sidewalks and ramps that make strollers easy to use, and the trains and public transport tend to be quite well adapted for strollers as well. If you are the typical visitor with 2 or 3 days to explore Vienna and you want to see most or all of these famous top attractions, the Vienna Pass will save you money and at least some time as well. Do you think it would be worth buying a 3-day pass? Bahamas Aruba Once you do this quick loop you'll know where almost everything is located, and you can hop off at your next included attraction. -Roger. It is the collection point for the Vienna PASS and Flexi PASS, which allow travelers to save time and money on the top Vienna attractions. One of the main benefits of the Vienna City card is that the discounts don’t only apply to sites and museums, but also to selected restaurants, shops, and leisure activities. +1-800-986-4610 | +91 7709445757. I”ll go with my husband in Christmas to Vienna 24-12 till 28-12. Singapore Lithuania Rotorua, Anguilla Sapa, Austria 24/48/72-hour pass: €8 €14.10 €17.10 Valid for unlimited travel for one adult within Vienna. Curaçao, Seville, With just one ticket you can get on and off at as many stops as you like. The following web page shows the latest discount codes and some buying info. As for the travel pass, it really depends on where you are staying. Look for Step 4 in the checkout process to enter code: POT10. By the way, I’m trying to get that 10% discount going again, so hopefully I’ll have that in place Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The City Cruise is also quite good, so with six days you should be able to get very good value out of a Vienna Pass. Stockholm The Flexi Pass is an interesting alternative. ²) The pass offers free use of the Hop-on Hop-off Bus* for the entire time. The standard Vienna City Card costs €17.00 for 24 hours, €25.00 for 48 hours and €29.00 for 72 hours.The Vienna City Card with Big Bus Ticket costs €32.00, €37.00 and €41.00 respectively.One child up to the age of 15 years old can use public transport for free with each Vienna City Card holder. Slovenia If your hotel is within walking distance of any of the central attractions or within the Ring itself, you might not need to take many metro rides. Florence, Day 2-Take a train to Melk,followed by a boat ride to Durnstein,a train to Krems and then back to Vienna. I believe that pretty much all museums and places like that will allow anyone 5 and under in for free. But those without a plan will struggle to make proper use of it. Orlando, The Vienna Pass also comes with an option transit card for about €7 per day. It is valid for unlimited public transportation throughout the whole city area. A comprehensive tour of the city, you’ll be driven around the top sights, monuments and landmarks in a double decker bus. Hi Roger, If you only have 2 days in Vienna, you still have enough time to cover all of the top attractions mentioned just above, and still have your evenings free and maybe time for 1 or 2 more things. Brisbane, Six days for visiting sights and the other days for day train trips to place like Melk. One way I’ve found that they are “2 categories – “Adult” and “Junior” (for children from 6 to 18 years) this way they shouldnt need a tickets. Dominican Republic What’s included: * Free entry into over 60 of … St. Thomas, Belize Ibiza, Sweden Expires December 31, 2020. This one is optional, but if you have a Vienna Pass it's definitely worth stopping in for an hour or two. Senior citizens' ticket: €1.50 Valid for one journey for senior citizens over the age of 62. Their tickets and passes cover all city train and subway services and nearly all tram and bus services; Buy network passes for cheap, peace-of-mind travel ; The Vienna Card is a visitor card with an integrated public transport pass (includes various tourism discounts) Note that face masks are currently required on public transport vehicles and inside all municipal transport buildings, including stations (at … The VIENNA SIGHTSEEING & Vienna PASS Service Center is located at Opernring 3-5, top 17-24, 1010 Vienna. Turks and Caicos Price; Taxi from airport to city center : 30.49 - 36.59 : Commuter train from airport to city center : 5.12 : Express train from airport to city center : 13.41 : 3km taxi ride in Vienna : 9.76 - 14.63 : Public transport ride in Vienna : 3.17 They offer scores of “free” museums and attractions for a fairly modest price, usually including an expensive bus tour and all of the most expensive attractions. It’s easiest to buy the pass online (and this is what I did – I bought it online from GetYourGuide). Would you have any suggestions in terms of the route to make the most of the pass? Miami Beach, Let me know if you have any other questions. Czechia You can download the guidebook* here for free. For getting to the remote attractions such as the palace and the Ferris wheel, using public transportation is usually faster and more pleasant. Vienna City Card 24/48/72 hours: €13.90 €21.90 €24.90 Valid for unlimited travel for one adult and one … My sister and I have to go to Vienna this July to take language courses there and plan to look around the city on weekends, do you have any suggestions about getting the Vienna pass or not ? On the other hand, the Yellow Line goes out to Schönbrunn Palace, which is a bit out of town, and that can be handy since many people on the bus will get off and when you get back on your can usually get a good seat. Thank you. Brazil Bolivia Vienna Travelcard - Get Around Vienna With Ease. Do we really save a lot of time because of “fast track entry”? 3. Located on Domgasse, the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived here from 1784 to 1787. Would it also be worth buying a travel card due to the infrequency in the hop on-off buses? Santorini Then you can focus the rest of your stay in the central Ring area, which is flat and easily walkable for fit people. Caracas. I’m planning a visit to vienna, landing 23 June, staying till 27th. Sao Paulo All you need for Vienna Discounts for the duration of your stay … Experience Vienna Explore Vienna with the OP ON HOP OFF buses from Vienna Sightseeing Tours or with a time card for the Wiener Linien by metro, tram and bus. Japan It's also smaller so you can do a quick visit and still see a lot. The subway system in Vienna is quite nice and very fast and this is usually the fastest way to get between places. Cancun, A few of the key attractions are on the edges of Vienna so you have to get an early start and plan on seeing them in a logical order on public transport or the HOHO bus. – Joel, Helo Ocho Rios South Korea Salzburg, -Roger. Greece https://www.priceoftravel.com/7682/vienna-pass-worth-vienna-pass-review-prices/ Arusha, As we live in Australia, would it be possible to order our Vienna Pass and have it posted to Australia or is it better to collect it in Vienna when we get there. Furthermore, you will often have the opportunity to receive an additional discount on standard price at the provider website. Athens, If you order the Vienna Pass directly at the provider you will have the advantage of a money back guarantee. Due to the current situation our Tourist Information Offices remain closed until further notice. We review prices and value here, Caribbean all-inclusive resorts are on sale at Expedia.com, Save an extra 5% off low-priced Europe hotel rooms with this code, Groupon’s localized travel offers are very impressive, Cancun vacation packages are US$100 or more off right now, Hostels are now on sale: Book soon to lock in up to 50% off, 56 European cities by price: Europe Backpacker Index for 2020, The 13 Best-value cities in Europe for budget travelers in 2017, Europe trip-planning guide: Itineraries, transport, accommodation, city passes, and more, 7 Reasons Southeast Asia is much better than Europe for budget travelers, 12 best-value cities in Asia for budget travelers, Cheapest cruise lines for 2020 Caribbean cruises – 11 lines ranked by price, Should you buy a 2020 Eurail Pass? Montego Bay, Since we aren’t likely to get phone calls, the mobile data (wifi) is our main concern. Senegal Chicago, Santa Ana I am the author of this web page and the face behind city-walks.info. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. On the other hand, HOHO buses are rarely the fastest way to get from one place to another. -Roger. Sharm el-Sheikh Munich Use it before it's gone. Punta del Este 15 Euro less. The Vienna city card is unlike the Vienna Pass as it doesn’t include free entrances to sites and museums, but rather offers discounts, usually in the range of 1-5€. That means, you may reclaim the purchasing price for unactivated passes within a certain time period. If you just plan on buying a Vienna Pass and then finally opening the included guidebook on the first morning you are ready to use it, you'll struggle to get proper use out of it. Interlaken, If you decide to buy you can use promo code POT10 for 10% off on 2, 3 and 6 day passes at The Vienna Pass using this link. Medellin, Ecuador I don’t have a list myself, but on the Vienna Pass website they show the opening hours for each attraction it covers. You can get between points of interest on scheduled bus tours included in the price of the pass. Poland Uganda This is an interesting question. El Salvador All children below 15 travel … Thanks for the post, Unfortunately I don’t see anything about the aquarium in Vienna in the information about the Vienna Pass, so it doesn’t seem to be a partner at all. In winter this one might not be as enjoyable. Which … Malta Virgin Islands, U.s. The card is accompanied by a high-quality guidebook that features insider tips and detailed city information. Russia Hanoi, France Granada (Nicaragua) Do you think that this plan is feasible and if so should we avail a Vienna Pass? Hungary Slovakia Bulgaria Puerto Plata, -Roger, Hi… after reading your post, i am still not sure what is the difference between the Vienna Pass with travel and the Vienna Pass no travel The world's oldest zoo (dating to 1752) is a fantastic stop for visitors with children. Iceland The Flexi Pass Vienna offers an attractive price advantage for the combination of a hop-on hop-off bus tour together with the available attractions.You get a flexible combo ticket for up to a maximum of 5 attractions.The Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg can only be admired from the outside at the hop-on hop-off bus tour. As long as the important and included attractions are worth enough, a pass like this is usually a good deal.